Top 3 — Diversity of content

3 Examples of Diversity on Medium

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

I love sharing stories that have caught my attention.

Why? Because first and foremost, I joined Medium as a paid member long before I started writing on Medium. I am a reader, and I love to share the stories that I find interesting. That is one of the main reasons I write a couple of stories of my favorite reads two or three times a week.

I have known Holly Jahangiri for more than a decade, and I have been reading her blog for at least six or seven years. I am thrilled now that she writes o Medium as well. Let me show you why I am a fan of hers.

Have you heard about the latest storm brewing here on Medium? It is called ILLUMINATION. It’s the fastest-growing new publication here. Actually, it is more than a pub; it is a community of diverse writers from all over the platform. Dr. Mehmet Yildiz is the brain behind the phenomenon. Check out his latest communication with the group.

Finally, something that is near and dear to all the writers on Medium. How to create eye-catching, stop-them-in-their-tracks headlines. Cynthia Marinakos is a master because she is like a scientist — researching and experimenting — and then presenting her findings.

There you have it. My top 3 for the first week of April. I ask for no claps. Instead, I would much rather you read these exceptional pieces and support the writers by clap heavily for them.

I am a self-proclaimed weirdo, Jack of Many Trades and Master of Some. I live the Freedom Lifestyle — life on my terms, and help those who are interested in doing the same. (Join the Tribe)

You can let others tell you what it means to be successful, or you can decide it for yourself.”



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Rasheed Hooda

Rasheed Hooda


Self-proclaimed weirdo. Jack of Many Trades, Master of Some. Author, Speaker, Photographer. He walked on Route 66 Chicago to L.A.